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What is the best way to transport a R/C plane from your home to the field? How do you transport your R/C craft

It depends on which plane I'm taking. Generally, for the Bud Nosen Cessna, I've modified it to break the wing in half. I pull all of the seats out of my van and chock the wheels. For the Top Flight Corsair, I still remove the wing but transport with the van's seats folded down. For the GWS Messerschmitt, I just toss it in and go.
It's the cross country moves that have played the most havoc and my secret there is to buy a couple of card board boxes for storing hangered clothes and a sheet of styrofoam insolation. I cut a square of insolation to fit inside the bottom of a box, and make a small indentation with the spinner. Next, I line one whole side with insolation, with small cutouts for the wheels. Set the plane on/in that piece, slide it in the box with the end piece already in place, and then add one more piece to seal the tail assembly, essentially as I did the nose and then just seal the box (boxes for the larger fuselages) shut. Mark which end/side is up and then don't worry so much about the hangar rash...

Bud Nosen 3 Cylinder Engine P-51

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